About Me


Geena Barret lives in Southern California with her eyes always in a book whenever the opportunity arises. When her spare time is not spent reading, it is spent practicing martial arts or riding horses. Her favorite genres are mysteries, suspense thrillers, romances, and equestrian fiction. They are the books she is most used to reading, but she is completely willing to read or edit different genres. Her passion for reading and editing began at a young age when her mother was writing her own book and asking for ideas on content or for a proofread. The desire to edit remained strong when text messaging had come out and she refused to resort to using shortened versions of the English language.

When Geena was attending a junior college, she became the copy editor of the school’s newspaper. It had been heralded as the best year of editing the paper had ever seen. Shortly after, she had a copy editing internship with the sports website “Bleacher Report.” She obtained her Bachelor’s Degree in Creative Writing with a concentration in Fiction from Southern New Hampshire University in November of 2016. She will finish her certificate in editing from UC Berkeley by January of 2018.

Throughout her years in school, she has offered up her editing services to friends with essays that needed some love. Her payment was in seeing the “A” they received on their papers after the hard work she put into fixing the grammar, spelling mistakes, and formatting issues. These days she struggles when reading books with using her pen to mark the mistakes she finds in published works, but not wanting to deface the pages. However, she does have a personalized stamp to leave her mark anytime she sees a misspelling or a grammar issue that she fixes when out and about. Defacing a paper sign that can be reprinted quickly is much different than a published book.

Her goal is to help writers have the best version of their work published. Too many writers get excited about self-publishing their book before they get it the proper edit it deserves. Geena wants to make sure that books have their best chance on the market, instead of being held back by mistakes that could have easily been avoided.

She is available to proofread, copy edit, and do developmental edits for your written words. Just shoot her an email at geenabarret@yahoo.com to get started!