Equestrian Fiction

One of the genres I have recently started reading is equestrian fiction. A romance novel where there are horses, a cozy mystery where there are horses, a horse jumping circuit, a family drama where, you guessed it, there are horses. If it has horses, I want it in my grasp. I remember when I was in middle school that the series Heartland was one of my favorite book series to read. I have recaptured that part of myself and now I want all the horse books. Let me edit them all. I have knowledge in horses as well. Riding ever since I was 12, being obsessed with them before that and still presently, having the fortune of owning a few horses as a teen. And now officially, I have my very first tattoo of a horse on my wrist. Thinking about horses is actually how I was able to come up with the name of my website, Thorough Edits. I was wondering if there was a way I could combine my love for horses and editing. Then it hit me, with the breed of the first horse I owned, a Thoroughbred, came Thorough Edits. I haven’t wanted to even think of another possible name.

Since I have delved into reading equine fiction, I realized that it isn’t that big of a market. Which means that the authors that have found their niche through this kind of fiction are sure to stand out. I have noticed that there are quite a few authors in this genre who have books that could have used a good copy edit, or even just a proofread. Those authors who did not use an editor will end up suffering from the new authors busting into the genre who do have editing done to their novels. Keeping your readers engrossed in your book instead of being pulled out due to simple editing mistakes or inconsistencies is extremely important. Let me help you and your horse book stand out among the few. Let’s make a name for yourself, and not have it connected with errors in editing.

Check back with me to see what genres I discover, and let me know which ones you’re interested in.

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