Animals as Editors


I’m sure everyone has a cat or two, or more (I have four). Or maybe you have a dog. Or maybe you’re like my mother, who has all four cats and large dog in her room or following her around throughout the day. These animals seem to think they know what’s really going on in our lives and how we should be living them in the current moment. Maybe I’m working on a paper on my laptop, but to a couple of my cats, that just means I’ve been in front of the screen far too long for their liking. I must take the time away from the screen to do something important in my life: such as giving treats or wet food. Then there are the other times where their input is just too strong not to pass up while working on a paper. How could I have ever lived without that sentence”luhweucgb lkjdsfv;iuikosdkjdsk sddkjsdsdh sksdil”? It’s pure artistic genius. Cats are just so intelligent, they always seem to know exactly what’s missing in a paper to spice it up. All those times I wasn’t sure what I wanted to write, all I had to do was allow them some time on the keyboard to open up my mind to everything I was holding back.

Then there’s the dog. Shouldn’t I just know when it’s time to take a walk or to give a treat? That’s when he comes in and sees that I’m busy working. His input is just as important as the cats’, if not more profound. Just one paw on the keyboard and I get the most inspiring words: huj knhujn jffing. Sometimes I find that I am not worthy of their input, so I shoo them away. But they always find a way back to my laptop, letting me know that everything I have typed up, is just not enough until they get their say.

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